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Gert Emmens and Cadenced Haven - Life in Cosmic Higway - translate eng.

"Aureal empathy" was a great introduction to wonderfull world of Gert Emmens and Cadence Heaven music. This unique track is like magic bridge between Europe and Asia. Gert Emmens is a true wizard of electronic music from Netherland and Cadence Heaven - artist from distant Bangladesh. Amazing and impressive music which is like a balm for my ears. It calms and it is a kind of escape into the better and beautifull world.
"Call to maghna" - a piece that sparkles with pastel colors and warm synthesizer sounds, which runs like a lonely sailing somewhere far away in the sea. I feel the refreshing sea breeze of wind, which relaxes me. Romantic melodies in my imagination cause the formation of just such an image. Many in this release classic "emmens" sounds. A typical music Emmens' showcase is my favorite song "Illusiory Reformation" - pensive ambient pads, nostalgic beginning and those wonderful and distinctive soft ostinato of the sequencer. Gert lovingly refers here to a little-known album from 2003 titled "Obscure Movements In Twilight Shadows". This composition is based on the motor drum beat and passionate synthesizer solos that placing me in a pleasant state of mental levitation.
The song "Incomprehesible walk" fascinates its rather complex structure of the lot of percussion instruments. It's a foretaste of what I hear in a moment in the composition titled "Reflective orbit", which actually enslaves its panache and wealth accumulation and pleasant to the ear sequences. They are topped with aggressive percussion accents - it's sonorist turmoil, a lot of space here and the muggy air. All of it comes from the accumulation of various electronic sonic flourishes.
Here, Gert, what makes me happy - he is trying to move away from the predictable mold of his musical identity. He gives his imagination to bear, even though the first hearing, I felt a strange confusion. In ending this album, a quiet song "Vision of Minds Eye - the final" we can hear, as in the beginning the album "Vision of Minds Eye overture, " the voice Cadenced Haven. It is rather vocal, which introduces the atmosphere of this charming oriental composition. This charming atmosphere invites us to the distant and picturesque landscape of her native land.
"Life in cosmic higway" is a great spiritual feast not only for EM fans. I think it is a relaxing journey through the most beautiful corners of our planet. And all thanks to the duo Gert Emmens & Cadenced Haven.

Translated by Przemysław Rudź