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SpiralDreams is an electronic music project from Hungary
SpiralDreams was formed by RED DREAMING and INDIGO CHILD early in 2009. After a few attempts they realized that they are on the same wavelength in a musical sense. They started to create Berlin School influenced musical pieces. The musical world of SpiralDreams is mainly influenced by Klaus Schulze, Redshift, Mark Shreeve, but other musical influences can be found in their works. They're planning to widen the edges of the genre a little bit in the future.
Lonely journey is from their debut album : Cosmic Background Radiation
• RED DREAMING: He was born in Hungary. He started composing music over the past few years. He has published one album under the name Red Dreaming some years back.
• INDIGO CHILD: He was born in Hungary. When he was 16, he got a bass guitar. He started to play in various bands in different genres. He has been composing musical pieces and sound effects for computer games since 2006