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Lisa Smith

I am an artist and teacher at Indianola Middle School who offers private art instruction.
I have a BFA from The University of Iowa and 9 years teaching experience with all ages and levels.
As an art teacher, my love for art and working with youth is a perfect fit.

Lisa Smith
My Artwork
Bright colors, movement, texture, and depth play a big role in my artwork. My background in both sculpture and painting has influenced my recent works which include building upon the surface of the canvas.
Much of my artwork up until now has been filled with the underlying theme of "overcoming". Every human being has experienced struggles to overcome obstacles and temptations in life. Holding on to hope, and the internal fight to overcome is visually apparent in the brightly textured colors reaching for freedom, shooting from the depth and darkness that tries to hold them back.
Spheres could be seen as the obstacles in life, sometimes seeming solid and unmovable. They are big and small at times, and could also be seen as the perfectionism that keeps some of us from spontaneity and being ourselves.
My future artwork will represent the "freedom" of the overcomer.
Subjects for my upcoming artwork include:
Dragonflies and butterflies
Music on Canvas