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Michael Peters - Stretched Landscape Remix Project

about the original "Stretched Landscape #1" album:

"A single 57-minute surge that unfurls via waves of ghost voices, spare, nodding piano shapes, sustained guitar und coloured field recordings populated by bullfrogs, birds and the first rays of the sun as it breaks the horizon, Stretched Landscape #1 began life as an adjunct to one of German composer and guitarist Michael Peters's installations.

Although ostensibly modelled on Brian Eno's site-specific work, Stretched Landscape #1 more than transcends its roots thanks to the use of some grainy, sawtoothed sonorities and a recording quality that's punk enough to impact on the guts as well as the third eye. It is at once reminiscent of the primitive minimalism of early Richard Young's sides like Advent, the cavernous drone work of New Zealand Improv units like Surface Of The Earth and K-Group, and the solarised ensemble sound of the Makoto Kawabata-affiliated Toulouse-based group Ueh, as well as earlier progenitors of organic, minimal sonics like Robert Fripp and Tangerine Dream. But the sound remains very much the product of the world-straddling reach of Peters's own fingers."

(WIRE magazine)
released 17 March 2011