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Monica Löwenberg

Monica Löwenberg was born in Mexico City. From small to serve was particularly interested in the wonderful world of The Fine Arts, his talent in painting has been a matter essential to their life skills by also discovering music, photography and literature.

He pursued his studies in Graphic Design, a profession that served as a bridge to enter the world of colors and forms, finding a very distinctive pictorial language of his work, his subject and succeeds in translating figurative traps most sublime sentiments that keeps the Human Being , expressing the goodness of his spirit with warmth and simplicity.

The quest to overcome made her a self-taught artist, although it has not stopped taking courses and workshops., Research in various pictorial techniques confirm the taste for oils, pastels and inks giving way to a contemporary style, making opening statements in places like India, where he lived, Spain, New York, Mexico City and the City which lies long Cuernavaca in Morelos, Mexico.

He also writes in two newspapers in which lies, framing their work with a touch of cultural inspiration and finding a new facet of his life: journalism.

His latest exhibitions:
2008 Christmas `E ART ART Gallery, 2009 Group exhibition in Cuernavaca Morelos UNILA and Erotic-Art Group exhibition in Mexico.

Traveling Autumn 2009 Solo Exhibition "Art with soul," at the Autonomous University of Morelos and in the Gallery of the University Cultural Center of the State of Morelos and Jardin Borda