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Symbian - Free Albums

Upon request from many fans around the world, SYMBIAN finally decided to share their 3 private releases on the web.

HYPNOTIZE : a different approach of the SYMBIAN-sound,more dance & trip-hop inspired at that time.
            IC-records was not interested in releasing this album,because it sounded so different to
            our other releases on the label.

INNER DATES : a collection of themes,ideas,reflections composed and released for the inner circle of friends from SYMBIAN.
              probably the most intimate and symphonic work of SYMBIAN.

A VOYAGE IN TIME : a double album,released in 2003,containing on the first CD the best of a decade of SYMBIAN music and some new tracks.
                   The second CD contains rarities and other mixes from SYMBIAN tracks digged from the archives."The Last Song" is really the last song 
                   SYMBIAN recorded...

All tracks are copyrighted and only for personal listening.
Feel Free to share the downloadlinks or files with friends.

Enjoy the music!

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