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Karin Kuhlmann - Digital Art

Karin Kuhlmann is an artist who has gained much notoriety and awards for her artwork in recent years. Kuhlmann is best known for her exhibit of twelve pieces at MOCA (Museum of Computer Art) which she likes to refer to as “abstraXness” a term that she uses to describe her very abstract and algorithmic style within her collection. 
Originally from Germany, Kuhlmann has studied graphic design and photography as well having been a commercial artist for more than 25 years. 
In 1996 she began utilizing the computer as an artistic tool and incorporated design elements by using Photoshop’s KPT5’s FraxFlame filter, giving her images more of an abstract quality. 
Kuhlmann has said “Like the surrealists and some abstractionists I prefer to utilize 'Automatism' for my creative processes in order to release my inner pictures.