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Chop Project

So the ChoP project ( is playing in Shanghai, Nanjing, Beijing, Wuhan. Among other places we will be performing during the Shanghai Electronic Music Week together with FM3 and other Chinese artists. We will also play in Iberia Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing and we will have not only concerts but also workshops and discussions with the audience about contemporary art in Eastern Europe, ways of producing experimental music, etc.
Generally speaking – this is a BIG tour for us.

We decided to start a campaign to get money only for basic things like trains, food, accommodation:
It is a simple thing. If you want to support us, just choose the best option for you:
Please read “Perks for your contribution” on the right side of the page.
There you can find what we will give you for the support.
Using PayPal is very simple nowadays!

If you have some friends, who like electronic music, and generally modern art, maybe you can tell them about us.
You can share the info on YOUR blog, or YOUR website…
If you have a facebook page, please SHARE the info, too!
The more people know about our campaign, the better for us.
More clicks on the link, the better promotion we get from IndieGoGo.

I know, that everybody is nowadays in trouble because of the world crisis.
Finding a sponsor is extremely difficult, especially in Poland which is not a very rich country.
And you know that we don’t earn a lot of money in Poland.

Please think about it. And try to help us if it is not a problem.
This time it is all about spreading modern art and modern sounds in the Far East!
You know that you can help. Every single person can help!