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Jack Lane - Chloe Ebinezar

Jack Lane - Chloe Ebinezar

Album Dedicated to my wonderful Daughter ,Chloe Ebinezar


Streaming Visuals at:
released 29 October 2011
A special thank you to all artists involved.

Stefano Panzera ( Dedo )
David Kira
Attilio Bruzzone ( port royal )
Giorgio Li Calzi
Thomas Huttenlocher ( I Awake )
Irina Mikhailova
Hidekazu Wakabayashi
Dan Palmer ( Wet Paper Planes )
Marco Lucchi

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Music video director Jack Lane is London based. I started this project back in Spring '07' over the past 2 years I havecollaberated with many great musicians worldwide together we have produced over 300 videos to date. I have been lucky enough to work with music producer/ artist David Kira who has been a huge inspiration to the projects I am now involved in.

Bardzo dobry i "czujny" ambient sperimentale, ale bez zbytnich udziwnień i odjazdów. Wszystko  naprawdę wysmakowane i na bardzo wysokim poziomie - te videa!!!!!