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Lyonel Bauchet - The Secret Society

Lyonel Bauchet - The Secret Society

Total Time: 61.46
All tracks composed, arranged, recorded and mixed by Lyonel Bauchet between 2010 and 2011 at Studio78, France.
Buchla 200e modular synthesiser
Schippmann Ebbe und Flut
Metasonix D1000, KV100 & TM1
Analog Solutions Oberkorn 3 & Vostok
Minimoog Voyager
Korg Wave Drum
Spectrasonics RMX
FXpansion BFD2 Drums
MOTU M5 sampler
DiNDDL is the digital only arm of the well established DiN label and as such is a perfect vehicle for releasing live concert material, experimental releases and introducing new artists to the DiN audience. After the release of "Submission 01" as DiNDDL10 the first DiNDDL artist sampler compilation album we start off the next batch of releases with the latter scenario, the introduction of a new artist.
Lyonel Bauchet is a well established and prolific composer of music for TV, film and radio and in that respect he mirrors one aspect of DiN label boss Ian Boddy's DiN extra-curricular activities. Over the space of 35 years he has composed over 2,000 such pieces of music but has never sought a career in releasing music for public consumption in the form of album releases. Over this time he has created a wonderful studio just north of Paris for his work that alongside state of the art recording hardware features, and is centred upon, a monumentally huge Buchla 200e modular synthesiser. This is quite an instrument who's name may not be so familiar as other such modulars from the likes of Moog but in many ways it is a far more sophisticated piece of equipment and is capable of an incredibly rich sonic palette.
Boddy first contacted this talented French composer via a synth forum and was astonished to find that other than a few download tracks and videos Bauchet had no recognised label album releases. Believing that the music he heard was perfect for the DiN label Boddy invited him to release this album which is a distillation of his best work based around the Buchla 200e and previously only available to a handful of people via his synth forum connections. The 9 tracks spanning over 60 minutes of music range in style from gorgeous ambient atmospheres through driving sequencer work-outs to full on rhythmic excursions. However throughout the album you can hear a master craftsmen at work with astonishing sound clarity and a wonderful over arching organic feel courtesy of the mighty Buchla.
released 03 October 2011

I Dance the Buchla Electric from Lyonel on Vimeo.

Sleeper Service from Lyonel on Vimeo.

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