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Soundioxide - G65434-2

This album is inspired by "System Shock 2" computer game, developed/produced by Looking Glass Studios, Irrational Games and Electronic arts in 1999. Some sounds included in this album were taken from this game - spoken samples known as "audiologs", as well as part of introduction cinematic scene. All rights connected with these audio parts belongs to its respective owners. "End Credits" song was inspired in special way by original game "End Credits" tune by Eric Brosius.

Soundioxide - G65434-2

I started to think about such type of music somewhere in middle of 2010, thinking about a kind of "soundtrack" or "illustration" album. Having much time in afternoons during my stay in Haarlem, Netherlands, I found a forum in Internet connected with a game, which I played 10 years earlier, more or less. This game was System Shock 2.
Forum contained "audiologs" page, surprisingly with audio files extracted from game. I had a background and a point, from which I could start. I read and searched "audiologs" forward and back few times, and after some time I made a decision which "audiologs" I would like to illustrate with my music.

 To be more specific, here a list of songs with more details (for those who knows this game):
 01 - The Future (Is Now) - song connected with game introduction
 02 - 67 Trillion Miles - without audiologs
 03 - Tau Ceti - Korenchkin and Bayliss audiologs
 04 - Whom Do You Serve, Mr X? - Delacroix audiolog and some Xerxes sounds found in Internet
 05 - Counting the Seconds - Siddons and Suarez audiologs
 06 - Exploration... - first part of Prefontaine audiologs
 07 - ... and Discovery - second part of Prefontaine's history
 08 - End Credits - no audiologs, two sounds from Eric Brosius tune.

9th of October, 2010 was the date of first finished song, "Counting the Seconds". I was in no hurry with other tunes, so after 12 months of preparation I am able to share this album with you.

I hope you will have as much enjoy listening to this album, as I had making this music.

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