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Tuxedomoon - The Ghost Sonata

Tuxedomoon - The Ghost Sonata

A soundtrack to the imagined suicides of each band member.
Late one night before we'd actually started Winston and I were driving and he said something to the effect of letting each member write his own suicide, and that would be the text. I liked that immediately. At some point we all decided to do 'an opera without words', an idea that seemed pretty reasonable at the time, and only much later struck me as being strange.
The Funeral of a Friend - a distant graveyard
The Ghost Sonata - a funeral service for the director, an unexplained death.
Catalyst - postcards from dead cities.
An Affair at the Soiree - intrigues, flirtations and an embarrassing public skirmish.
Music Number Two - JJ walks into the sea a la Virginia Woolf, the fates search on a beach for JJ.
A Drowning - reflections on a polythene ocean. JJ meets a giant fish. a death by drowning.
The Cascade - BLR ends the party amidst too many empty  bottles.a death by drink.
A Mystic Death - paintings as voyeurism. SB gazes into a crystal ball and is horrified to see his youth fade a death by hanging
Basso Pomade - an unexplained argument between PP and WT ends in hypnosis.
Licorice Stick Ostinato - PP hallucinates, mutating faces of friends...
The Laboratory  - ...and embarks on a long inner search for  deadly knowledge.SL shrinks and becomes bottled. PP eventually drinks her.a death by  poisoning. 
Les Odalisques - a mystic ritual of obsession and role changing  in which WT,as the sorcerer, melts in a foggy grave. a death by devourment, or a death by magic.
An Unsigned Postcard - NS, attended by an already dead WT, sees her death in a vanity mirror beckoning her, she slashes her wrists with lipstick a death by loss of blood.
Music Number Two (Reprise) - all the cast joins together for a tableau picnic. The living dead re-enact Déjeűner sur l'herbe as the bride is stripped bare.

Les Odalisques

Music Number Two

Music Number Two (Reprise)

Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live. ~Norman Cousins