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Zamiast podsumowań lista płyt roku. Są to płyty głównie z kręgu rocka progresywnego. Przygotował kolega Andy z Forum Muzyczne Dinozaury. Spróbujmy przygotować listę z kręgu muzyki elektronicznej - jeśli łaska proszę przesyłać propozycje na maila - - polskie płyty też, tylko 2011 rok, lista będzie uzupełniana.

25 Yard Screamer - Until All Are One
 3 - The Ghost You Gave To Me
 41POINT9 - Still Looking For Answers
 A Big Goodbye - Sounds & Silences
 Abrete Gandul - Enjambre Sismico
 Accordo dei Contrari: Kublai
 After Crying - Creatura
 Agents Of Mercy - The Black Forest
 Airbag - All Rights Removed
 Akin - The Way Things End
 Akt - Blemmebeya
 Al Fleeman - The Water Is Wide Variations
 Alan Reed - Dancing With Ghosts
 Also Eden - Think Of The Children
 Alta Via - Girt Dog
 Altair - La Eseencia DelTiempo
 Anabasis, The - Back From Being Gone
 Amorphis - The Beginning Of Times
 Ancestors - Invisible White
 And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Tao Of The Dead
 Andy Tillison Diskdrive - Murk
 Anima Morte - The Nightmare Becoms Reality
 Anubis - A Tower Of Silence
 Arcane Roots - Left Fire
 Arch/Matheos - Sympathetic Resonance
 Arena - The Seventh Degree Of Separation
 Astralia - Osmosis
 Atrium - 2011
 Atto IV - Shattered Lines
 BackYards - Horizon
 Baroque - ROCQ
 Battles - Glass Drop
 Beardfish - Mammoth
 Ben Craven - Great & Terrible Potions
 Beyond The Labyrinth - Chapter III - Stories
 Big Block 454 - Bells & Proclamations
 Billy Sherwood - What Was The Question
 Blackfield - Welcome To My DNA
 Blood Ceremony - Living With The Ancients
 Blue Mammoth - Blue Mammoth
 Blue Moon - Matrix Spheres
 Book Of Knots, The - Garden Of Fainting Stars
 Brighteye Brison - The Magician Chronicles - Part I
 Byron - Perfect
 Calomito - Cane di Schiena
 Camembert - Schnorgl Attahk
 Casual Silence - Vertical Horizon
 Central Unit - I See You
 Cheer Accident - No Ifs, Ands or Dogs
 Cinématique - Life In An Infinite Loop
 Colin Masson - The Southern Cross
 Combat Astronomy - Flak Planet
 Combination Head - Museum
 Comedy Of Errors – Disobey
 Contemporary Noise Quintet - Ghostwriter's Joke
 Cosmograf - When Age Has Done Its Duty
 Credo - Against Reason
 Cryptex - Good Morning, How Did You Live?
 C-Sides - Devitrification
 D. Project - Big Face
 D'Accord - Helike
 Dave Greenslade - Routes - Roots
 Dave Willey - Immeasurable Currents
 David Andree - In Streams
 Daymoon - All Tomorrows
 Dec Burke - Paradigms & Storylines
 Decemberists, The - The King Is Dead
 Derek Sherinian - Oceana
 Devin Townsend - Ghost and Deconstruction
 Devin Townsend Project - Deconstruction
 Devin Townsend Project - Ghost
 Dice - Newborn
 Different Strings - The Sounds of Silence Part 1: The Counterparts
 Discipline - To Shatter All Accord
 Disconnect - Indivision
 Dogma - Ethnic-Methnic
 Don Airey - All Out
 Doracor - La Vita Che Cada
 Dorian Opera - Crusade 1212
 Dream the Electric Sleep - Lost and Gone Forever
 Dream Theater - A Dramatic Turn of Events
 Dropshard - Anywhere But Home
 Duran Duran - All You Need Is Now
 Earthling Society - Stations Of The Ghost
 Echo - The Dream
 Echolyn - T.B.A.?
 Edison's Children - In The Last Waking Moments
 Ego - Evoluzione Delle Forme
 Elbow - Build A Rocket Boys!
 Electric Orange - Netto
 En Plein Air - En Plein Air
 Enid, The - Arise and Shine Volume 2 – Risen
 Enid, The - Risen
 Epignosis - Refulgence
 Eternal Wanderers - So Far And So Near
 Ether's Edge - Return To Type
 Evergrey - Glorious Collision
 Everwood - Without Saving
 Explosions In The Sky - Take Care, Take Care, Take Care
 Fabio Zuffanti - La foce del ladrone
 Factor Burzaco - II
 Fair To Midland - Arrows & Anchors
 Fairport Convention - Festival Bell
 Farpoint - Kindred
 Fernando Refay - The Paradox
 Fierce & The Dead, The - If It Carries On Like This We Are Moving To Morecambe
 Finn Arild - Testament
 Flaming Row – Elinoire
 Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues
 Flower Kings, The - Tour Kaputt
 For All We Know - For All We Know
 Franck Carducci - Oddity
 Fredde Gredde - Thirteen Eight
 Frequency Drift - Ghosts... - Quartus Artifactus
 Future Kings Of England - Who Is This Who Is Coming?
 Gandalf's Fist - Road To Darkness
 Gandalf's Fist - The Master and the Monkey
 Garden Wall - Assurdo
 Glass Hammer - Cor Cordium
 Gösta Berlings Saga - Glue Works
 Graal - Legends Never Die
 Grails - Deep Politics
 Gran Turismo Veloce - di Carne, di Anima
 Greylevel - Hypostatic Union
 Graveyard - Hisingen Blues
 Grouper - A I A
 Gungfly - Lamentations
 Haken - Visions
 Halcyon - Pastures
 Herd Of Instinct - s/t
 Hess&Franzen - {Closedlockedsealed}
 HookahTheFuzz - HookahTheFuzz
 Hostsonaten - Summereve
 Humble Grumble - Flanders Fields
 Ian Gordon - Terminally Brave
 Ian Gordon - The Box
 Ignatius - Lights from the Deep
 Il Rovescio Della Medaglia - Microstorie
 Images Of Eden - Rebuilding the Ruins
 Indelible - Remnants in Red
 Introitus - Elements
 Iona - Another Realm
 IQ - Re:Mixed
 Jakszyk, Fripp, Collins - A Scarcity of Miracles
 Jeavestone - 1+1=OK
 John Wetton - Raised In Captivity
 Jolly - The Audio Guide To Happiness Part. I
 Jelly Jam, The - Shall We Descend
 Jonesy - Dark Matter (inner space)
 Karda Estra - New Worlds
 Karmakanic - In A Perfect World
 Kate Bush - 50 Words For Snow
 Kayak - Anywhere But Here
 Kebnekajse - Idioten (The Fool)
 Khandroma - Fetzen
 Kilimanjaro Dark Jazz Ensemble - From The Stairwell
 Knifeworld - Dear Lord, No Deal
 Knight Area - Nine Paths
 Konchordat - The New Crusade
 Labirinto Di Specchi - Hanblecheya
 Landscape - Outside of Nowhere
 Laswell, Bill / Raoul Björkenheim / Morgan Ågren - Blixt
 Lazuli - [4603 Battements]
 Le Orme - La Via Della Seta
 Leap Day - Skylge's Lair
 Legend - Cardinal Points
 Levin Torn White - Levin Torn White
 Light Corporation - Rare Dialect
 Long Distance Calling - Long Distance Calling
 Lou Reed & Metallica - Lulu
 Lunatic Soul - Impressions
 Luup - Meadow Rituals
 Machiavel - Eleven
 Madelgaire - (IM)Patience
 Magenta - Chameleon
 Magic Pie - The Suffering Joy
 Magnum - The Visitation
 Majestic - Labyrinth
 Man On Fire - Chrysalis
 Man on Fire - Chrysalis
 Mandalaband - AD, Sangreal
 Manning - Margaret's Children
 Mars Hollow - World In Front Of Me
 Master Musicians of Bukkake - Totem Three
 Mastodon - The Hunter
 Matt Stevens - Relic
 Maybeshewill - I Was Here For A Moment, Then I Was Gone
 Millenium - Puzzles
 Mind Split Effect - Introspection
 Mogwai - Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will
 Moonbound - Peak Of Eternal Light
 Moonwagon - Night Dust
 MorF - MorF
 Motis - Ripaille
 Neal Morse - Testimony 2
 Nemo - Revolusion
 Nerve Institute, The - Architects of flesh density
 Nerve Toy Trio - The Hard Cell
 Netherland Dwarf - Moi Moi
 North Sea Radio Orchestra - I A Moon
 October Equus - Saturnal
 Odd Dimension - Symmetrical
 Opeth - Heritage
 Orne - The Tree Of Life
 Ovni - Salvadoreno/Alien
 Ozric Tentacles - Paper Monkeys
 Paatos - Breathing
 Pain Of Salvation - Road Salt Two
 Pallas - XXV
 Pandora - Sempre E Ovunque Oltre Il Sogno
 Pavlov's Dog - Live And Unleashed
 Peter Evans Quintet - Ghosts
 Pendragon - Passion
 Peter Gabriel - New Blood
 Peter Gee - East Of Eden
 Phideaux - Snowtorch
 Planeta Imaginario: Optical Delusions
 Platurno - Insano
 Presto Ballet - Invisible Places
 Presto Ballet - Love What You've Done With the Place
 Primus - Green Naugahyde
 Proto-Kaw - Forth
 Prowlers - Sogni in una goccia di Cristallo
 Pymlico - Inspirations
 Radiohead - The King of Limbs
 RanestRane - Shining
 Redbus Noface - #1 If It Fights The Hammer It Will Fight The Knife
 RedZen, The - Void
 Resistor - The Secret Island Band Jams
 Resonance Association, The - Heliopause
 Rhapsody Of Fire - From Chaos To Eternity
 Ring of Myth - Ring of Myth
 Riverside - Memories In My Head
 Salva – Thirst
 Samurai Of Prog, The - Undercover
 Sanguine Hum- Diving Bell
 Sanhedrin - Ever After
 Scaramanga Six, The - Cursed
 Scherzoo - 01
 Sean Filkins - War and Pease & Other Short Stories
 Senogul - III
 Seven Steps to the green Door - The Book
 Shabazz Palaces - Black Up
 Shades of Dawn - Graffity's Rainbow
 Sithonia - La Soluzione Semplice
 Ske - 1000 Autunni
 Sky Architect - A Dying Man's Hymn
 Skys, The - Colors of the Desert
 Slivovitz - Bani Ahead
 Soniq Circus - Reflections In The Hourglass
 Steve Hackett - Beyond The Shrouded Horizon
 Steve Howe - Time
 Stevegane Project - When the Time is a Present
 Steven Wilson - Grace For Drowning
 Strange Attractor - Anatomy Of A Tear
 Strawbs - Hero & Heroine In Ascencia
 Subsignal - Touchstones
 Suite Omega - Dulce Síndrome
 Summer Breeze Project - Unusual Horizons
 Sun Caged - The Lotus Effect
 Sunchild - As Far As The Eye Can See
 Symphony X - Iconoclast
 Syndone - Melapesante
 Tangent, The - COMM
 Tangent Plane - Project Elimi
 TCP - Fantastic Dreamer
 Tenhi - Saivo
 TenMidnight - The City Of Angels
 Tesseract - One
 TheRhythmisOdd - Raw Material
 Thomas Giles - Pulse
 Three Seasons - Life's Road
 Tim Hecker - Ravedeath, 1972 !!!
 Tin Spirits - Wired to Earth
 Tom Waits - Bad As Me
 Torgo - Divinity Transmissions, Phase One: Salvation for the Dead
 Touchstone - The City Sleeps
 Toxic Smile - I'm Your Saviour
 Traumpfad - Aufbruch
 Travellers - A Journey To The Sun Within
 Trurl - Do Not See Me Rabbit
 Tune - Lucid Moments
 TV On The Radio - Nine Types Of Light
 Umphrey's Magee - Death By Stereo
 Unexpect - Fables Of The Sleepless Empire
 Uranian - La ciudad de los sue?os
 Uriah Heep - Into The Wild
 Us - The Road Less Travelled
 Van Der Graaf Generator - A Grounding In Numbers
 Vict Alone - Lighting
 Von Hertzen Brothers - Stars Aligned
 Watch, The - Timeless
 Waterboys, The - An Appointment with Mr Yeats
 White Willow - Terminal Twilight
 William D. Drake - The Rising Of The Lights
 Winter Tree, The - The Winter Tree
 Within Temptation - The Unforgiving
 Wobbler - Rites At Dawn
 Wolverine - Communication Lost
 Wreath - Serpent Moves
 Yacobs - Time Machine
 Yes - Fly From Here
 Yesterdays - Colours Caffe
HIPGNOSIS - Relusion,
NICKLAS BARKER- El Ultimo Fin De Semana,
NOSOUND - The Northern Religion Of Things,
OME - Tomek Beksiński,
SLOW ELECTRIC - Slow Electric.
El Camino - The Satanik Magiik
Ethereal Riffian - Shaman's Visions
Heretoir - Heretoir
Kamchatka - Bury Your Roots
Krux - Krux III - He Who Sleeps Amongst The Stars
L'Impero Delle Ombre - I Compagni di Baal
Moonsorrow - Varjoina Kuljemme Kuolleiden Maassa
Novembers Doom - Aphotic
Pentagram - Last Rites
Primordial - Redemption at the Puritan's Hand
Saxon - Call to Arms
Septic Flesh - The Great Mass
Serpent Venom - Carnal Altar
Valborg - Barbarian
Voodoo Circle - Broken Heart Syndrome
Wounded Kings, The - In the Chapel of the Black Hand
Alva Noto "Univrs" (Raster-Noton)
Bonnie Prince Billy " Wolfroy Comes to Town" (Drag City)
Michel Cloup "Notre Silence" (self produced)
Fire! with Jim O'Rourke "Unreleased ?" (Rune Grammofon)
Chris Forsyth "Paranoid cat" ( Family Vineyard)
Cian Nugent "Doubles" (VHF Records)
Jacky O'Motherfucker "Earth Sound System" (Fire Records)
Jim O'Rourke "Old News N°5" (Editions Mego)
Oval "OvalDNA" (Shitkatapult)
Eliane Radigue "Transamorem-Transmortem" (Important Records)
Erin Sexton "Horizon" (Les Encodages de l'Oubli)
William Tyler "Behold The Spirit" (Tompkins Square)
V/A Beyond The Horizon (Audition Records)
Bjork - Biophilia
Vader - Welcome to the Morbid Reich
Wishbone Ash - Elegant Stealth
Mortal Sin - Psychology of Death
Antediluvian - Through the Cervix of Hawaah