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Bernhard Wöstheinrich - Live in New Jersey 2011

Bernhard Wöstheinrich has many guises: one half (with Markus Reuter) of the duo centrozoon, collaborating with Ian Boddy on DiN, The Redundant Rocker - to name but three.
Bernhard Wöstheinrich elicits meaning from abstraction in electronic music and painting. He has studied graphic design and has created an eclectic body of work in both graphics and music. Using a compositional approach akin to his work as a visual artist, Bernhard usually begins by improvising abstract sonic structures which are subsequently developed into an increasingly detailed aural picture.
Working with electronic instruments he seems able to generate & play in a style all his own. Full of unusual quirks & mannerisms he is a truly unique musician.
From DiN

Bernhard Wöstheinrich  - Live in New Jersey 2011


"Live in New Jersey 2011" documents the concerts at the Equinoxygene Festival in Hackensack, NJ and the Live-on-Air performance at Mike Hunter's "Music with Space" at WPRB in Princeton.

The two music-episodes span the range from floating ambient sections, classically inspired synthesizer music to sequencer work-outs and innovative electronica.
released 01 December 2011