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The Merricks

Marc Ackermann aka The Merricks is a one man band from Geneva (CH). Born in 1972, he started learning piano and electric guitar. He formed a few bands in the 90′s (New wave, Punk, Electro) as singer and guitarist. The Merricks is an experimental solo project lead by the desire to find harmonies into chaos.
Influences? Velvet underground, LPD, Depeche Mode, SPK, Einsturzende Neubauten, The Residents, Wire, Skinny Puppy, Psychic TV, Foetus, Sonic Youth, Brian Eno, Dirk Ivens, Steve Reich, Sigur Ros and so many others that thrill your skin and brain.

Alternative / electro / original soundtracks

Hi mates!
A few words to tell you our 14 albums are FREE downloadable at

these are some links curious!

1 The Merricks: Eat a vegan at
2 The Merricks: So what? at
3 The Merricks: Trouble at
4 The Merricks: I told you I was sick! at
5 The Merricks: Idiots sounds at
6 The Merricks: Before the fall at
7 The Merricks: Dry your tears at



I'm a puzzler, playing with all the sounds I can find. My first instrument is electric guitar. Then, I love to play with all kinds of real or unreal instruments. My aim is to make understand that noise doesn't exists: it's just a bright sound we're unable to apprehend.