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Nicky Bendix - Music For Gardens

A deep journey into the hidden, inner life of the garden
its stilleben - unmoved, poised and melancholic
Its organic pulse and dramatic, changing seasons.
Its spiritual purpose and dimension.
Travel through the branches and the flowers, deep down to the darkness of the roots of this living organism of life and beauty.

Nicky Bendix  - Music For Gardens

Born 1969  in Denmark - I grew up in a small fisher town surrounded by beaches and forests.Growing up I had little or nothing to do with music.

At the age of 14 music suddenly, as out of nowhere, started to appear inside of me  and I experienced an urgent need to get it out - to give life and form to this endless stream of sounds, moods, stories and melodies.
Naturally I pursued music as a career. 
From 1990 to 2000 I worked as a pianist, composer and musical director in any and all settings (see bio) and this was my musical education. As a pianist I primarely worked in the jazz field. This came natural since my own music was somehow linked to improvised music.
I could not play the music I "heard" inside yet, but I was sharpening my tools and getting closer and closer to the target. 
Around year 2000 I felt ready to give form to whatever the music was going to be. I more or less withdrew from the professional music scene for a year or two to focus and be free to discover the music I was intented to play.
In 2003 I moved to Bremen, Germany, and setup my first studio and the music started to appear on a near daily basis. The best way to describe my role in the whole music creation proces is to likening it to that of a secretary - paying attention and taking "notes".  My main role is not to interfere.
Around 2005 I moved to Medellin in the Andes mountains of Colombia to live, but still went to Eurpoe to work. After two years I returned to Denmark to live permanently, got married to my wonderfull wife, bought a beautifull house and setup my studio again. Today I am again living surrounded by the danish beaches and forests and my main focus is to find outlets and placements for all the music that keeps coming, day by day. All I can do is my best, and that is what I am intending to do.

Chciałbym po raz kolejny zwrócić uwagę na tego artystę. To spadkobierca impresjonistów w tym wypadku, klasyczne piano  jako tło dla wszelkich zajęć.