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I trying to make electronic music for long time, sometime alone  and then far in project T-sonic.  My most actual gearlist is at
Although I making music on synthesizers, I'm not pianist and I haven't any piano education. Young  I learnt play accordion at music school.  I don't play it for long time but at present I discovering this instrument again. I appreciate, that accordion give mi new options of expresion in comparison to synthesizers and I want tu use it in my music. Also I find out new options which has button chromatic accordion and I start to practise it.

Lignatone Melodia III

I know, it isn't synthesizer nor electrophonic nor electromechanic instrument, but it has keyboard and registers like organs and automatic system of accompaniment chords like early Casio MT's or Yamaha PSR's

Firotti Eroica

While I search informations about accordions on the net, I find button chromatic accordion too. His possibilities was take me up so much that I bought this nice piece
Loomeer  - Nebulas

Loomeer - Live from my living room 2009-2011

Prawie 200 minut świetnej muzyki.
Strona autorska muzyka