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Younger Brother – A Flock Of Bleeps

Younger Brother formed in 2005 when Benji Vaughan (Prometheus and The Zap) and Simon Posford (Shpongle and Hallucinogen) were asked to write a track for a charity called Survival International. The charity raises money for indigenous people around the world and they asked Simon and Benji to write an electronica track inspired by a Columbian tribe called The Kogi for a CD they were putting together to raise money. The Kogi call themselves the Elder Brother and those in western civilisation the Younger Brothers, hence how the partnership between the two artists became known as Younger Brother.

Simon and Benji enjoyed working together in the studio so much that one track morphed into their first album, Flock of Bleeps, which the band toured extensively around the world in countries including; Japan, Australia, USA, and Russia. At this early stage the show was performed with only Simon and Benji and their computer equipment they used to mix the tracks live on stage.
When they started work on their second album, Last Days Of Gravity Simon and Benji wanted to move away from the pure electronic sound of Flock Of Bleeps but with no band and only the two of them, Simon and Benji ended up playing all aspects of a band themselves including the drums, synths and all guitar parts. However they hit a stumbling block when they realised they needed someone on vocals, and thats when Rupert Campbell joined.
Ru and Benji were at school together and played in bands during their teenage years until they went their separate ways at college. Before joining Younger Brother in 2007 Ru had worked with electro-giants, Leftfield as well as having a burgeoning solo career with a Major Label.

Once the second album was complete in May 2007, the band quickly realised that the new material wouldnt work well as a live performance with just the two guys on stage with their laptops. So they assembled a band of artists they had worked with in the past to play they’re first own concert with the new Younger Brother sound at Brixton Academy in London (which sold out to over 4000 people) this was quickly followed by touring around the world throughout the summer. The album became the 20th album of the year in 2008 UK mercury prize (UK music Oscars) and missed nomination by only eight places.
Then in spring 08 the band were asked to tour the west coast US, so they contacted Marc Brownstein of the Philedelphia jam band, The Disco Biscuits whos album they were currently producing. Marc dived in and said he'd love to join the band and play bass and also introduced Simon and Benji to Tommy Hamilton (guitar) and Joe Russo (drums).
Together they played at the Boulder Theatre, the Ogden Denver, Fulsom San Francisco and the Roxy LA - all shows sold out and the band was formed. They worked so well together and had such a good vibe going that they decided to record their next album together.
The full band met again at the studio owned by legendary producer Flood in rainy Willesden in North London in November 08, where they started recording the third as yet unnamed Younger Brother album which will hopefully be released on Twisted Records in Spring 2009.

Meanwhile Benji and Simon are working with Philip Ridley on the soundtrack for a film called Heartless, which is set to be one of the UKs biggest movies for 2009 which premiered at Cannes in May 09. The guys are continuing to perform at gigs around the world and have received nearly half a million hits on their My Space page.
The band will play a UK and European tour in 2011. Please check the tour section for dates.

Younger Brother – A Flock Of Bleeps