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Odyssey - MUSIC FOR SUBWAY - Symphony For Analogues (Deluxe Edition)

ODYSSEY - Tomasz Pauszek (also known as RND) is a Polish electronic media artist and contemporary electronic music producer.
He started as music producer in 1999.
His debut album SYNTHARSIS, was released in July 2001 and became a big succes. The album was presented by different radiostations in Poland as well as in Great Britain and Norway.
Promoting the album, ODYSSEY staged the series of outdoor concerts called SYNTHARSIS LIVE TOUR in his hometown Bydgoszcz, Poland.

In 2002 ODYSSEY recorded new material for his two big multimedia concerts called CYBERNETIC ECOLOGY, staged also in Bydgoszcz.

In the beginnig of 2003 he became a music producer and sound designer for the Polish tech/deep house team WAXFOOD and released with them remixes for such artists like: Aruba (The Party Jacker), 7th District (Big Bubbles, No Troubles - feat Austin Howard) or Autor X (Timezz).
Later that year ODYSSEY performed a big outdoor multimedia show - NET IQ in his hometown.
He was also asked to perform the concert for inauguration of the photo exposition “Galeria Bezdomna” in Swiecie, Poland. A concert called “PHOTONIQUES” was staged at The Teutonic Castle on August 23, 2003.
In November 2003 a new album, called YPSILON PROJECT was released. The album was recorded in co-operation with Polish electronic band Remote Spaces and contained classic electronic and ambient music.
ODYSSEY was also invited to co-operate with Lukasz Pawlak, the owner of REQUIEM RECORDS for CITY SONGS project.

On February 14, 2004 ODYSSEY performed a concert in Warsaw presenting tracks from his latest album YPSILON PROJECT. The concert was called ONE NIGHT IN WARSAW.
In 2004 he also played his biggest to date concert in the night on April 30th and May 1st 2004. The concert called EUROPA was staged for celebrating of Poland`s and other 9 countries joining the United Europe.
In September ODYSSEY`s next album was released. IN VERSIONS was a 2 CD remix album featuring material from SYNTHARSIS and YPSILON PROJECT as well as six new tracks (including two introductory tracks: Inversions - Movement I and Inversions - Movement II ) recorded in collaboration with acts like: REMOTE SPACES and R. CZURAK.
Some of the remixes were released earlier as bonus tracks on Deluxe Editions of SYNTHARSIS and YPSILON PROJECT.

In 2005 ODYSSEY decided to release his older tracks, but in the unconventional way. He created the unique, internet trilogy project, called ODYSSEY IN PERSON VIRTU@L. The concept was to release his older tracks in new or remastered versions on three different albums.
The album [], released in December 2005 was the first part of the trilogy and contained the best 12 tracks, recorded by ODYSSEY before 2001 (before the debiut album SYNTHARSIS was released), mixed with new super stereo sound effects and remastered. For each track from this album there was a video made by ODYSSEY specially for this project, using graphics of Polish graphician and musician Lukasz Pawlak.

In December 2006, the second part of ODYSSEY IN PERSON VIRTU@L trilogy was released. The album LOVE ACOUSTIC, contained 10 older tracks, presented in more acoustic and less electronic way. ODYSSEY described the album as „love lounge", a background music for people in love. All graphics and videos for this album were made by ODYSSEY.

In 2007 ODYSSEY spent some time on remixing tracks for other artists. ODYSSEY`s remix of DJ TAU`a hit single – „I Know You Want Me” was released in 2007 on iTunes and other internet stores.
In December 2007, the third part of ODYSSEY IN PERSON VIRTU@L trilogy was released. The album GAIA`S DREAM, contained 3 very special tracks, based on samples recorded by ODYSSEY on the old cassette recorder. The pure quality of the recordings and samples caused the album to sound very vintage, retro and raw. ODYSSEY wanted to present the kore of sound art, by using only vintage technology and making this album the unique retro sound design experiment. All graphics and videos for this album were made by ODYSSEY.

In 2008 he put together another special Internet only project called T@OS – The @rt Of Sound, focused only on the theme of sound.
„The inspiration for this album was the sound itself. The pureness, the pitch, velocity, tone, noise.
This was a very experimental album presented in the form of „music books” with the prologue and epilogue.
ODYSSEY said about this project: „The main idea of this project was to try to take any track, no mater if it was finished or not, if it was demo, or if it had many mistakes in it, and put it among the other tracks, and let it tell it`s own story, to present the state of its own development.
I used my old compositions from 1992 – 2002, mainly demos and unreleased tracks, transfered them from the old cassette recorder, to the computer and left them like that, without any interference. No mixing and no mastering at all. So some of the tracks can be louder then other.
I wanted those tracks to sound just like you would listen them from the old cassette recorder, with all those noises and mistakes.... It`s all about sound.”

In 2009 ODYSSEY decided to re-release the deluxe edition of his debut album SYNTHARSIS from 2001. This deluxe edition contained 10 original album tracks from 2001, all newly remastered, and the bonus cd, with unreleased SYNTHARSIS session material from 2001, some remixes of the album tracks and new tracks.
On 10th October 2009 the new album called X-SPACE ODYSSEY was released. The album was dedicated to the exploration of space and human mind. It`s a journey through the space, time and mind, thoughts feelings and emotions.
The title refered to the famous novel by Arthur C. Clarke `s, but it mainly applied to travel within ourselves. „Man is a great mystery, unknown, and therefore appears in the title of a mysterious letter X.” – said ODYSSEY about the album.

In 2010 another re-release appeared. YPSILON PROJECT, created by ODYSSEY and REMOTE SPACES was re-relased with newly mastered tracks.

During the years 2010 and 2011, ODYSSEY worked on his another album, recorded only using old, vintage, analog synthesizers from 1970`s.

The album MUSIC FOR SUBWAY – SYMPHONY FOR ANALOGUES was released in May 2012.



This is the re-release of ODYSSEY`s album MUSIC FOR SUBWAY from 2012. This DELUXE EDITION contains 3 CD audio material.
On the first 2 CDs you can find the original album tracks. The third CD contains a track with some themes from the album in of a lo-fi A.M. radio form.

MUSIC FOR SUBWAY album was released in 2012. It`s a very special album taking the listener to the world of underground, subway.
This album is also the very first album recorded by Odyssey, using analog synthesizers from 1970`s only.
It`s all analog.

ODYSSEY says: „It`s a tribute for all those big musicans and pioneers of electronic music, who have inspired me for those years: Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Kitaro, Robert Moog, Mike Oldfield, Yanni, Wendy Carlos, Klaus Schulze, Tangeringe Dream, Marek Biliński, Sławomir Łosowski and others.
This inspiration can be heard on this album. I wanted to pay a tribute to them.”
released 20 May 2012

All tracks composed and produced by: Tomasz Pauszek (Odyssey),

Subway ambience samples and field recordings by:
Volivieri and Argitoth. Thank You !!!

Designed, recorded and mixed by: Odyssey at Odyssey Studio Poland

Mastered by: Marcin Grzella at MG Studio, Bydgoszcz, Poland

Special thanks to:
Aleksandra, Igor, My Family, Radosław Tymecki, Piotr Krupski, Ziemowit Poniatowski, Jerzy Kordowicz.

Thanks to:
Mark Jenkins, Glenn Folkvord, Volivieri, Argitoth, Leszek Rudolf, Adam Pierzyński, Maciej Polak, Moog Foundation.

Cover artwork design: Borys Goncerz, Okinet Interactive Group s.c.

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