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Old Major - ​.​.​.​With Love

Andrew Pearson: These guys sound like hipsters. The snotty singer, sneering bass, bearded tambourine and incorporation of experimental elements (bass drum intro to "Lint Giver," banjo-driven "Wagoneers," Primus-funk mother "Spel Check") all clearly designate this band as guys who want you to notice how h3p they are to the j1v3. The problem is, it works so well that you barely notice! 8/10 Favorite track: Lint Giver.

Harry Harrison: Thanks to Bucky & Andi for pointing this one out. And a big shout out to Old Major. What a diverse album; always changing and never boring. The influences are hard to nail down and the resultant sound even more difficult to pigeon hole…………….maybe ‘All Them Vultures’ or the Grohl era of QOTSA? Not that that matters as it’s aaalllll goood!!! Favorite track: Lint Giver.

Bucky Such: an eclectic mix of familiar styles of music ranging from grunge to metal and stoner rock to alternative noise. If I had to compare I'd say a hybrid of QOTSA and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Fantastic treat to break up the monotony of day to day discoveries. Favorite track: Snake Charmer.

Sedno nowoczesnej muzyki rockowej

Trzeba by stworzyć wykładnik, co to znaczy to sedno. Ha, ale nie jest to bynajmniej łatwe, bo guściki Panie różne. Old Major niemal naukowo wstrzelili się tym albumem w środek tarczy gatunku rock. Album rockowy powinien być bezpretensjonalny i ma nieść czystą energię, radość i odprężenie, ciekawe rozwiązania formalne, riffy, dobre refreny, fajne brzmienie, wpasowanie w każdy niemal nastrój. This is it. A tu jeszcze młodzieńcze, zdrowe i czyste intencje. Słuchać - nie gadać ;)