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Clement Belio - Contrast

Clement Belio jest gitarzystą Itzamna, gra muzykę niezwykle eklektyczną, jak na tak młodego muzyka. Oto co mówi o sobie;
Soooo, my name is Clément BELIO, I'm 23, french, and multi-instrumentalist. Actually I'm firstly drummer, I play the drums since I'm 7 y.o, and when I was 15, began to play guitar. Now I play and record drums, bass, piano, saxophone and vocals too on my own records. Obviously, my rythmic experience led me into Metal. Actually my favorites "genres" would be progressive (metal and rock), jazz (rock, fusion, contemporary), mathrock...  So I like all this weird stuff with complex structure/shapes/chords, polyrythms with cool drums grooves and 8 strings unusual tones... I regulary post on soundcloud, differents style of music... Rock to death metal, jazz to djent, electronic to progressive metal.... Dunno, whatever.... I like music. But as the Periphery-bandwagon is getting pretty big, I tried to do my best with my first EP "Proxima" to get something original, and even more with my second solo EP "Heïa".  With my first solo album "Contrast", released in sept 2014, I tried to resume in 1h20 of music every genre and styles I love now. It's so various and eclectic that you could find it "too much"... And I would understand ! But hey, if you're looking for one genre only, this album may not be for you haha.  As my soundcloud exists for more than 3 years, you can see my progression, in therm of style and technics since the beginning. Now I'm really into jazz stuff, contemporary music, or at least the kind of music that doesn't bother with genre limits...  On my records, I write, play and record all the instruments, mainly drums (with my electronic drum kit), guitar and bass. But piano and vocals too. And uncommon instruments like the Melodica, Kalimba, Bouzouki, Oud, some oriental percussions...)  "If the instrument you play truly defines the way you write a song, why not consider playing more than one instrument ? If eclecticism makes everything better, why not consider listen to more than one genre ? This is what you can listen here. I'm not THAT skilled or THAT polyvalent, I just TRY to do my best using all the instruments I have, in my own way, to make my musical palette larger..."