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Stonehenge - Bunch Of Bisons

A ruckus of buzzing particles meshed together with a live in the moment attitude, touches of krautrock and unpredictability. After you wrap your head around that, drench this in an organ bathed atmosphere and you have what is collectively known as Stonehenge.
(Vaibhav Jain)

Pete Faden: Okay, this album is flat out bad ass. Similar to the direction Opeth has taken recently, but obviously this album preceded that shift. Despite the organ (which is super awesome as well), this album definitely has all the straight up rock with a metal edge that you can handle and is simple intensity through and through. Must own. Favorite track: Pizza Fonkey.
Steve Rodger: Lovin' the stabs of Hammond organ on this album. Been on my wishlist for ages. I think they should have called the band Bunch Of Bisons and the album Stonehenge. Favorite track: Bunch Of Bisons.
AD⚡AM: Full of retro 70's grooves, tons of killer guitar riffs, tasteful organ flourishes, soulful vocals, and a great sounding production to top it all off. Imagine Deep Purple mixed with the newer sounds of bands like Clutch and Pothead. Great stuff.